Sunset cardigan

November 26, 2019
November 26, 2019 admin

Sunset cardigan

This chunky cardigan is very cozy, timeless fashion, elegant, simple, and warm. Fabulous cardigan – fits well for wearing together with denim, short t-shirt and also looks very sexy with shorts. 

Sunset cardigan is suitable for knitting beginners because it is knitted flat in Garter stitch (all wrong and right side stitches are knitted). Sweater edges are started and finished with rib stitch so this cardigan achieves very fashionable silhouette.

Although cardigan is knitted in certain yarn which is described in knitting pattern but you can easly substitute it by using 4 or 5 strands together of mohair/silk yarn and use the same needle size and the same gauge while following the pattern.

If you would like to knit this gorgeous cardigan and to add this pattern to your library – for more information click here.

Knitting pattern

Sunset cardigan knitting pattern

Knitting pattern cardigan