Let me introduce and tell more about myself. My name is Neringa and surname Rūkė. There‘s ancient lithuanian folk tale about giant woman Neringa, who poured sand dunes in the sea to protect people from the thunderstorm. Also this name has a meaning of „submerged earth“. My surname comes from word „mist“ (lithuanian „rūkas“). And mist is a fabulous nature phenomenon which you can admire and which attracts to see it again and again like a magnet. So it means that I am a sumberged land above the mist from which horizon and all world is seen.

I am a graduate of Vilnius design college where I got costume designer specialty. I do what I like most and what I really understand, what is really interesting to me and what I have dreamed about since my early age. While studying still being at second course I‘ve got a job to work in Lithuanian film studio as a costume designer assistant. Work was very hard – I‘ve worked 6 days per week and used to rise at 5 o‘clock in the morning and went to sleep at 12 o‘clock in the evening. This workload has trained my willpower and discipline and that is why today I admire this characteristic which pulls me forward.

In 2011 I estabilished a brand „Rūkė“. „Rūkė“ reflects all my inner world, which is revealed in my knitted clothes – knitwear. „Rūkė“ reflects attitude to the team as to  weawed stitches of sweater because only together we can achieve more. „Rūkė“ reflects my family, my five children and cozy home which are wrapped by mom‘s knitwear. „Rūkė“ it is a family business, it is our choise to create, work and pursue for our goals.

Today brand „Rūkė“ is a family business. We create contemporary, fashionable and inovative knitted products for whole family. Most of all yarns used in manufacture originates from Italy which is famous for it‘s high quality and fashionable yarns. Also we have a small part of lithuanian yarns which fits for woolen socks very well. At the moment I knit all sweaters by myself with a manually hand driven knitting machine or with needles. That‘s why every sweater is charged with warm feelings and positive thoughts. To knit a sweater qualitatively requires long time, concentration and discipline. We always seek for new opportunities to grow and expand and we are always open for various propositions.

Our brand‘s motto – „All dreams come true“. When I know exactly what I want – sooner or later it will become a reality. That‘s why I want to wish you from all my heart – to know very well what you want.

Best wishes,
Neringa Rūkė