January 22, 2020 admin

She told me I knit faster than my shadow

I have a friend who brings yarns to new life. In her hands yarns blossom like flowers in spring and they become so cozy and cute that all you do is just look at them
and ejoy. At this moment together we have a new project for which she is preparing a special color which has to highlight stitch pattern of new design. It excites and charms me so much because
of all process despite big distance and different languages between us. Creativity, passion which we feel for what we do and common goal makes our hearts to play in the same rhythm.

And once she wrote me: “-You knit faster than your shadow”. It looks me one of the beautiest things what I have ever heard in my career. And I hope my shadow will never catch me up.

Lauriane – we all with biggest impatience are waiting…