Let's knit the spring

March 17, 2019
March 17, 2019 admin

Let's knit the spring

Yarn is patient, even with beginning knitters; Yarn is kind, even to the color-blind.

Yarn does not envy, not even qivuit (the second-most costly fibre); Yarn does not boast, not even vicuna (the most expensive); Yarn is not proud, not even cashmere (the most — period).

Yarn does not dishonor others, no matter how environmentally consciously its production; Yarn is not self-seeking, no matter how virtuous or charitable its proceeds.

Yarn is not easily angered, although there be tangles untangle-able and cutting doth occur; Yarn keeps no record of wrongs, gracefully surrendering to multiple froggings and reworking.

Yarn does not delight in evil down loops, back bars, and ladders, but rejoices with the truth of righteous stitches well-formed.

Yarn always protects from unintentionally twisted joins, always trusts in properly oriented loops, always hopes for correct row counts, always perseveres to successfully finished object.