January 9, 2020 admin

Knitted Cool jacket

Super bulky Cool jacket is very fashionable, comfortable, cozy, universal, modern, warm and cute knitted bomber jacket. Perfectly fits wearing together with denim.
This sweater is very simple so it can be easily knitted by a beginner. It is being knitted in Raglan technique with 12mm (US17) needles from top to down in stockinette stitch pattern. Jacket is short therefore it highlights feminine body shape: visually enlrages bust and hips. 3/4 sleeves allow to move freely and it is main reason why they don’t get stuck anywhere. Also this jacket is seamless therefore this property makes it very comfortable, because it doesn’t have any additional bulky seams inside which usually restrict movements especially for hands. Jacket is being started and finished by knitting rib stitch so it makes design look more beautiful and elegant.

If you are interested to knit Cool jacket yourself – knitting pattern of it can be found here.