Chess cardigan

October 24, 2019
October 24, 2019 admin

Chess cardigan

Chess cardigan was hand knitted with yak/silk yarn composition from Bouquet Fibers which is very soft and light. 
Bouquet Fibers – is a small plant dyeing studio located in Vienna, Austria. Only the finest high-quality fibers are carefully dyed by hand with a natural bouquet of flowers, leaves, barks and roots. Ecological and sustainable for the love of nature, making and slow living. This yellow yarn was hand dyed with yellow onion skins and turmeric.

Cardigan is semi fitted and has a waist-length. Sleeves are balloon shaped with cuffs of 7cm (2.75in) length. These cuffs easly cover hand wrist therefore sleeve doesn’t slip so it is very comfortable to be involved in different works.

In it’s front cardigan has 16 pieces of traditional Austrian cotton thread buttons made by Bouquet Fibers and called ‘Zwirnknöpfe’ which are hand dyed with logwood and iron. These buttons create a beautiful V neck. Buttonholes are crocheted with a hook and it is the reason why edge with buttonholes stays unstretched, solid and beutiful even after long-time wearing.

Cardigan body has a pattern with knitted rectangles which make sweater look sliced into small parts and because of this illusion it should look very well with bigger sizes. Sweater has two tiny and playful pockets which are suited for holding a candie.

If you would like to knit this sweater by yourself please click here to see more about knitting pattern for it.