The letter

May 11, 2017
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The letter

World is so big and together so small. How much people live here and how much dreams do they have? How fast those dreams come true? Ar they big or small? What are those small things that make people happy? What are their thoughts? What are their feelings? Are they happy? Sad? Focused? Do they get letters? Do they write letters? I like to write. I write every day. I write all my thoughts, ideas, wishes, plans. Writing makes me free. Writing fulfills my wishes. I find answers, path, calmness, confidence, decision and happiness in these texts.

Hand knitted socks

And one day a letter has arrived. It was a simple letter with simple words which  melts the ice, create big plans and spread the wings. A letter for which I was waiting and expecting for a long time ago. It‘s a letter which I almost forgot. It‘s a letter from my client. Annie, thank you for being Rūkė‘s part:

I really love finding small businesses who make things by hand. Slow fashion. Such care, time and love goes into making each piece. The article produced is made with purpose, rather than that of mass production, and it’s seen and felt in each garment. Sweaters are my most favorite article of clothing. The best sweaters are warm friends to snuggle up to and comfort us year round. Whether it be a cool summer night or cold winter’s day, I’m always looking for any excuse to wear one of my favorite sweaters. 

Cat and sweater Made by Rūkė

Open cardigan

I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a little gem in finding both the makers and garments of Rūkė. The sweaters speak for themselves. They are so well made. So soft. You can see and feel the love and care that goes into each piece. My baby has oftentimes confused one of my sweaters for her blanket. I’ve found her carrying it around the house loving on it several times. That alone speaks to the feeling these sweaters evoke. The makers are the sweetest. Each order and interaction has been such a pleasure. 

I anxiously watch for glimpses of new designs, because I am so pleased with my current pieces! Thank you so much to the makers of Rūkė for creating beautiful, timeless pieces that I know I will cherish for years to come. 


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