Sweaters care

March 23, 2017
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Sweaters care

Sometimes, while choosing which garment to buy my decision is determined by garment care aspects. Personally I‘m quite lazy washing knitted clothes, because it takes my time and creates additional problems for drying. Over time, I damaged some my favorite sweaters and sweaters of my children,  which today are worn by their dolls and bears. At those moments I had to explain to my children why their beautiful sweaters suddenly became so small… Remembering those moments it makes me sad…

The first thing you should know about the knits is that they like jeans – the more you wash the faster they wear out. If sweater is soaked by bad smell, it should be hung on hanger for a day outside and let it freshen.

Sweaters knitwear by Ruke

Another point which I personally recommend – wear the same sweater with time breaks. After wearing a sweater for some time – hang it on hanger and leave it in a fresh air. In evening  unhang it, fold and put it in a closet. Never leave the knitwear on hanger for longer than a day. There is a high probability that hanger will leave marks on the sweater‘s shoulders. And knitwear will loose it‘s marketable appearance.

With a washing of sweaters I found a way out. I bought a washing machine with “Woolmark” label on it. So today I wash all my sweaters with this washing machine and I don‘t bother anymore. “Woolmark” – the Australian brand, certifying a pure, clean, natural wool. This label can be found on different brand washing machines, which will guarantee safe knitwear washing to me.

Hand washing knitwear care

Of course, sweaters can be washed by hands. Just it is important to follow certain rules. I recommend to wash in 15 degrees by celsius, using detergents suited ONLY for sweaters with gentle movements.  For drying up – you need to gently squeeze excess water from the sweater. Rinse a couple of times again and squeeze excess water from knitwear again. Lay out a clean towel and lay just washed sweater on it, gently roll up and press on the rolled-up towel. Roll out and lay sweater on top of another clean and dry towel. Now is the moment while stretching a sweater, I pull the seam which is required for reshaping. The best and fastest drying is on the heated floors. Biggest thanks goes from me to the people who came up with such a wonderful thing as heated floors.

Dry cleaning of garments leaves a huge bouquet of various chemicals. Therefore, if I buy knitwear made from natural material, I will always use a washing machine or will wash by hands. They deserve it! There is high risk that dry cleaning can felt a surface of knitwear.

Fluffy sweater

Knowing that I cannot live without sweaters and how much care they need, I let myself have synthetic sweaters which care is fast, easy and simple. It saves my time and they are also warm. Of course, I prefer natural fibers, however, I do not restrict myself from buying synthetic sweaters.

Wool requires special care, so I recommend wash and clean sweaters as rare as it‘s possible.

Wearing a sweater, it felts over time and thus loses it‘s marketable appearance. There is one little trick, how to fix it. Sweater can be renewed with razor blades – gently and patiently moving over the entire surface and it will look like new again.

Sweater is such a capricious garment, but I cannot live without it anymore! It is the only one garment which warms me up and releases all my movements. It is everywhere with me: at home, outdoors, town, countryside, with friends and children. It is everywhere and always. He always fulfills my expectations! It fits to my body and becomes my second skin.

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