Ruke's woolen socks

February 23, 2017
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Ruke's woolen socks

There is one beautiful proverb, which I personally like very much: “Prepare sledge in the summer.” So today I want to speak briefly about wool socks.

Just a few days left for our calendar to announce beginning of warm season – the time of awakening and abundance when days will run carelessly at grandmother in the village or on holidays at the sea. It is amazing!

Knitted woolen socks

And yet, before the spring is knocking on the door, you should think about the changeable weather and take care of your feet, so that they are always warm.

Personally, I always feel uncomfortable when legs are frozen. It seems that at the time it is difficult to think. Woolen socks from genuine sheep wool – a bliss for my feet. Every winter season I have at least two new pairs. I really like the felted surface which appears after longer wearing time and socks become particularly soft.

Knitted woolen handmade socks

Ruke’s socks are 100% natural sheep wool. Socks are handmade and knitted by very sweet and friendly woman. And the most important, that she likes to do it – and it means that each pair of socks is charged with positive energy, which makes socks even warmer.
After all most important – to do what you like. 100% made with love! And out of 100% sheep wool.

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