Q & A: heart in thousands km away which supports us – Viltė Rooney

March 2, 2017
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Q & A: heart in thousands km away which supports us – Viltė Rooney

Today I interview one wonderful woman who lives in the United States, has small daughter and who is the founder of PR company Baltic Collective.

Dear Vilte, we know each other more than a year already and during this short period I felt a strong love energy from you and a positive attitude to life. Therefore, I want to present you to our audience and to share the women joys.

First of all, I want to ask you to introduce yourself: what does it mean to be a woman for you? To be a wife? Mom?

Being a woman is a wonderful balance of energies. We are not only sensitive and understanding we are strong and patient also. When I became a mother, I felt a great wave of unique love and passion for life. Being dedicated to husband and work is one thing. However, giving yourself to a child and not losing of self is what makes us women unbeatable. Although I have always been very determined to achieve my goals, my daughter inspired to create, and to not give up. I have a husband who respects my dreams which encourages me to go further.

Viltė Rooney pas Rūke

Vilte, how did it happen that today you live in United States of America? What place Lithuania takes in your life?

We moved to California with my family when I was 12 years old, my mom won a green card. While I have been living here for bigger part of my life, I still consider myself a lithuanian, and I have a huge love and respect for my homeland. I try to visit Lithuania at least once a year. There are my friends, family and my favorite places. I speak with my daughter only in lithuanian, and I try to keep all of my lithuanian traditions.

What pushed you to establish “Baltic Collective”? What does it mean for you?

I always dreamt to get involved with lithuanian artists. Being in the fashion business, I knew that I had opportunities to help lithuanian designers and creators. With Baltic Collective I had many obstacles, because I was not familiar with the lithuanian business environment. It took some time while we asked questions and explored, so that we know how best to create a platform that would help to expand the awareness of designers. It makes me very happy to talk and get to know these creators. Seeing so much talent and passion in their art which makes me want to work harder for them.

What are your further plans for the “Baltic Collective”?

We plan to create more content and create a place where we share not only the designers’ works, but also their stories and news. We want to include artists as much as possible and provide them with as many new prospects.

What do you usually do when your thoughts become sad and your mood less positive?

We talk with Mom! She is my best friend, support and comfort. Always encourages and inspires me to move forward.

Which place sweaters take in your closet? How often do you wear them?

When we lived in Los Angeles, there were not too many opportunities to wear sweaters. I always looked forward to those few weeks when the weather cools down and I’ll be able to pull out my warm clothes. Now we live in a colder climate, Washington. Maybe it’s my lithuanian blood but I love the rain. This winter I had the opportunity to wear all my knitted beauties! I have quite a lot of my mom’s created and knitted garments, so I am very happy when I can enjoy them.

Vilte Rooney pas Neringa Ruke

Vilte, do you like to travel? In your opinion, what place is better to see once than to hear a hundred times?

When my sister and I were growing up, our parents took us everywhere. We traveled through bigger part of Europe, so I’ve liked to travel from a young age. It is difficult to choose one place, I think this is highly dependent on persons’ interest. I have lived for a year in Paris, but I also would like to live in India, and Asia.

What would you suggest to women who are still searching for their own path?

Try everything and ask for advice! After graduating the university I knew that I wanted to be in the fashion business, but I didn’t know in which way. I’ve tried styling, PR and working as a writer and editor. Follow your feelings! Listen to the inner voice and never be afraid to take risks. When I started my first business – PR company VilteCo, I was not fully prepared for that leap, but I knew that was something that will help me thrive.

Thank you for your time. It was nice to talk with you and hear your thoughts!

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