Long grey knitted dress with large pocket

October 14, 2016
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Long grey knitted dress with large pocket

One of the main items I would consider a must-have for this season is a long knitted dress, which covers and protects all the best female deflections from the wind and the cold. In winter, we, women, should show our bodies some love and protect it 🙂

This dress has a high neck, which is still in vogue, and is, to all that, functional. After all, you definitely want to wrap yourself in a warm scarf when the cold season rolls around.  The collar easily fits to the neck and gives an elegant look.

The knit sleeves are extended to provide more coverage to the arms. I myself am very fond of long, almost dribbling sleeves, so I can wrap myself in them and be warm. Besides, long sleeves are in style this season. The longer the sleeves, the more fashionable the piece is 🙂

Since all Rūkė’s clothes are more or less oversized, this dress is no exception. It is wide enough to give you all the freedom of movement in the world, and it can be put on over jeans or even just tights. I would also recommend a long pleated skirt.

Knitted dress by Ruke big pocket

And now, for the most important element and the reason why I think this is such a MUST-HAVE – a large pocket, which can basically fit your whole life. This is perfect for the times were you need your hands free, yet the pockets of your trousers or jacket are completely full.

The material contains 50% lamb’s wool, giving it the necessary softness. Despite all of this, I would like to emphasize another element that is very important – a knit usually settles from wearing, similarly as felt, so even the coarsest thread becomes gentle, as long as it is worn in. The remaining 50% of the material is made from a synthetic thread, to give the dress a longer life and minimize fraying.  I think we should use synthetic materials more liberally. They have their own advantages. When I was trying on this dress I was nearly in tears, because I knew I would eventually have to to take it off. It has been a while since I have had such a warm and comfortable sweater. So I invite you to buy and enjoy the long sweater from Rūkė.

Ruke knitwear knitted dress

Finally, I would like to address that, if by any chance, you find the dress to be too wide or too long, or maybe you just want a smaller size or a different colour – please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to make you happy!

Best wishes, RŪKĖ.

Source: Ruke.lt EN