Knitting patterns

February 15, 2017
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Knitting patterns

One day I told myself:  ‘I will build my own knitting pattern instructions which will be so simple and clear to be understood even for five-year-old child. “

Today, whichever knitting magazine or book I would take, I often face with one main problem: it is all written so complicated and it makes me feel like I would be trying to understand some movement of atomic particles and dissolute them with any other particles, swinging at a certain speed on a particular object … Attempting to understand the whole scheme of knitting in those books, I firstly have to read thick books where I must look for explanations and cryptography. Secondly, in doing so, very quickly general desire to knit passes, and it‘s no difference in whatever simplicity knit had to be… Not mentioning a desire to create?! And it is not surprising that half of the world says: “Knitting? Oh no! It’s so boring! “I also would be dull, eerie and uninterested, if not to take everything to my hands and flip upside down!

Knitted pattern by Neringa Ruke

Have you noticed that all the pattern knitting instructions consist of a ratio of 20% boring and uninspiring some little picture thumbnail, and 80% of even more boring text which decryption certainly have to do myself?

I knit because I love it! Because I want to relax and enjoy this time! I want to think about yarn composition, color, about the process and what I will want to do after that. I want to make every minute and second to be mine and get the maximum pleasure! So that‘s why I took it all and flipped upside down in my way!

My knitting instructions are: 20% very simple and with clear text,  to quickly and easily achieve the desired result. And of course… 80% of inspiring images that urges me to act, to go further and achieve the desired result, which inspires me to create, fantasize and plan my next knitting projects. Photos, which are full of warmth, comfort and elegance fragile. YES! I like it very much! After all not for a reason is often said: “Genius is found in simplicity.”

Knitwear patterns by Neringa Ruke

So today I boldly and loudly say – Rūkė‘s knitting instructions are so simple and clear to understand that fashionable trendy sweaters can be easily knitted even by those who just started learning this craft.

Create, share it, and love what we do!

With love,


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