Feminine freedom 2017 S/S

March 16, 2017
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March 16, 2017 admin

Feminine freedom 2017 S/S

Today, I declare a spring for my wardrobe – the best time to start planning warm season clothing. A time to emit pure love and energy into the environment to get more of it back. And for this purpose pink color will fit best to me, which is the 2017 SS trend and which is in my heart. It seems that this color needed some time to be recognized, so I will look fashionable, elegant and feminine.

I often think about women – the work they do every day for the sake of their family, relatives, friends and acquaintances. The work that remains little seen, but which is more necessary than like or dislike. Work without which everything around would look like a huge mess in which would be difficult find something or understand. This is the reason why I especially love to receive flowers from my husband, who with a silent glance, a warm smile and a sweet kiss, thanks for the fact that I am near.

Warm pink open cardigan – today I’m worth it! And today I want to shine and enjoy everything I have, more than ever. On this occasion, donations and 30% discount for this sweater, with discount code pink-cardigan

Love yourself every day when the sun shines, when it rains, late spring or even when winter comes. Let us love, cosset and rejoice yourself. After all, when we women are happy, our whole environment becomes happy!

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