Connecting the dots

April 6, 2017
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Connecting the dots

Today I want to tell you a story from my life. This story gave me a completely new perspective of Great Britain, which was new and unexpected. At the same time, as an adventure of a single day, it turned my life upside down. A trip that had so many questions and just a single answer…


A couple of years back, I experienced the joy of visiting Great Britain. A country that had become home to so many of our natives. I could’ve expected to see London and have a taste of its spirit, however, we’re not going to talk about this today.

I was staying in the middle of the island. This was just a simple town with absolutely no exceptional elements, which I would want to enjoy and share with you. However.. one morning, as I was having breakfast, I received a question: -Do you need any bath towels? Hm…, – I thought. What kind of question is that? That being said, I did not get confused and nodded in agreement.

Wool knitwear and sheeps by Rūkė

Immediately after breakfast, we got into the car and left. It was so strange… who could go shopping for bath towels just after breakfast..? And what then..?

We left the town and went through the narrow streets, which were surrounded by stone walls on both sides. Whenever you’d run into another car from an opposing lane, one of the drivers had to go back and let the other car through.   We were driving though other small towns, towns that I had seen in the movies, through slides, streams and hundreds of sheep blocking the traffic. It all seemed like a fairytale, at the time. This was a complete opposite of the traffic of London and the dense population. However, lets return to where we started. Towels.. Oh, right! Bathroom towels!

I don’t remember now, but I became worried in the middle or at the end of the trip. After all, we were just going to buy towels. This immediately calmed me down and I was sure that we were just going to purchase what we had decided to purchase and I could just relax and enjoy this brief trip.

Flowers Rūkė knitwear


Finally!!! We’re finally here! I was still in the car when I got the feeling that I just came to paradise.. I had never seen SO MANY roses at one place in my entire life!  Oh, and the beauty and the amount of blossom! The largest trees, curved in shape, close to the ground, big, small, of all possible colours… For a moment, it seems like I’ve been visited by that amazing scent, such feminine and dreamy.. The surroundings were extremely well kept. Nicely cut grass, well trimmed trees, creek, benches, a lane covered in stones.. Its PARADISE! It seemed like I could’ve just stood there and enjoyed the scenery, forgetting everything and especially what we came here for.

A feminine voice promptly reminded me of everything and invited me to come inside. We walked in. Pillows. Blankets. Bathrobes. Shampoos. Towels. Scented candles. Oils. And many more… A delicious scent in the air and the paradise seemed limitless.. It was a family business. Their store was one that could fulfil all feminine dreams. This was such a paradise, that would make any woman feel like a queen, even before she stepped out of her carriage. This was a place where everything resonates in love.  A place where you want to come back again and again…

Mint cashmere for spring summer

Sometimes the answers to questions regarding what I want from my life come to me in the most bizarre of ways and in the strangest of signs. It is important to read them right, make a decision and TAKE ACTION. None of the roses grow to be the same. All of them require immense care, patience and knowledge. And I know, that the thorns have pierced their fingers multiple times. That store was not built overnight. I did not see their path, I can only imagine it. However, I can see and feel the sharp thorns of my own path, as well as the blossoms.

And today is the day when another flower has begun to blossom, and this is no other than the Rūkė workshop. At a small, cosy town, next to a church built from red bricks and a small local shop where I found the most delicious bread – Žiežmariai. Our workshop lacks a final point, but soon I will looking forward to seeing you all here. After all, a fun trip with a minor purpose can not only lighten up your day, but also your whole life.

Best wishes, Rūkė

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