About brand Rūkė

April 9, 2018
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About brand Rūkė

    Meet with Rūkė founders – Neringa and Linas. We are husband and wife and we live in Lihuanian village homestead. Neringa has a fashion designer education and Linas is IT specialist. We have a great passion for creativity especially for knitted products (knitwear). We like everything what is related to it: texture, silhouette, warmth, comfort, cozyness; as well as knitwear doesn’t have seasonality we must admit that even from very simple forms it’s possible to create especially beautiful silhouettes, designs and fabric slumps.

About Ruke

    In the beginning knitting was men’s privilege and for their monopoly they fighted even with special laws. There’s information based on historical records that in the past kings not allowed to wear sweaters for anyone and disobedient were punished or were forced to pay excise duties. From the beginning knitting was considered as an art and it became a craft only after William Lee in 1589’s had invented a knitting machine which has spread all over France and later – to other countries. In XIX century after mechanization of machines knitting industry was fast developing and it was thought that hand knitting will be driven out but it didn’t happen. Hand knitting became even more valuable. And today sweater became a MUST-HAVE clothing in most people’s wardrobe. The most famous designers doesn’t imagine their collections without sweaters. And to all – this hand knitting received a new name – it’s New Yoga, and that’s why hand knitting is inseparable part of our life.

    Lithuania and our families have longstanding traditions in knitting. And we always felt, that it would be possible to better represent beauty of lithuanian knitting and crafts. With this idea in mind Neringa has graduated in Vilnius design college and after gaining a specialty of fashion designer decided to focus on creating modern, cozy and comfortable knitwear. In 2011 Neringa and Linas has met each other and idea about knitwear gained new form and Rūkė is a result.

    We are very excited to present you Rūkė – brand which you can trust because of exclusive designs, simple patterns, sustainability, architectural silhouettes and fabric slumps. We expect that you will like to browse our products and share with our values:


We are small and expanding family business. Neringa and Linas are young, enthusiastic and creative specialists in their field, who bring modern view and knowledge to Rūkė products. Because we’re not a big corporation we can offer you a closer relationship. You get individual attention to luxury details without the price tags. We are proud by our great services to our clients and offer them advices and guidance wherever they need.

Ruke family


    Our product designs are inspired by nature and by what our customers need. They are thoroughly designed by Neringa using simple and easy readable patterns in modern design which are trendy in the whole world. We understand sweater – how it slumps and how to get best design in simplest way. Every knitwear is knitted with hands to be sure in perfect combination of pattern simplicity and high level design. Our knitting patterns are made with love and to last forever.


    We know that you want to choose the right knits for your closet and knitting yoga. Because we create designs and cooperate with best yarn brands including GOTS certificate holders, we can offer wonderful designs and high quality and environment-friendly yarns. We constantly create and store new designs which we are frequently presenting despite of world fashion which is represented 2 times per year (spring and autumn). Our services enable us to create personal designs for you which create your individual story through our most beautiful knits.

Ruke - Linas and Neringa


Today’s life speed is very big. That’s why our products are created to encourage you to slow down, appreciate small things of life and relax. Coming home has to be a good occasion to get rid of outside world stresses and dive into knitting yoga: wrap in, cover, slip in, dress up and emphatize. Your individual free time is your fortune. And we want to make it more wealthy and provide more joy. 


    Here at Rūkė we are committed to ensure that our knitwear is made sustainably. Hand knitting is environment-friendly from itself because it needs small amount of energy and resources. We use every yarn residue and we teach you the same to minimise residues in the knits. And we create permanent designs by maintaining love to slow life and conscious consumption.